Saturday, January 14, 2012

Update on the Dating


Three rounds of emails in to the prospect mentioned last post and already, today, I will be describing to him, in intricate detail, the patterns on the 6 mismatched saucers that I picked up at Red White and Blue Thrift. He will hear about where they were hidden on the shelf, and the search that ensued. He will hear precisely how much I paid for them and he will learn the difference between teal and turquoise, as well as the exact thickness of the gold leafing around the edges.  I will count any chips and measure the cracks and relay this also.

Why such punishment? What was the error of his ways? An entire letter without once asking a single question about his new pen pal. Not," How are you feeling?" "What's your favorite ice cream flavor?" "How long have you been divorced?" Not one crumb of interest, just a recitation of what he collects, and what he watches on TV. 

Do you think maybe I am not the only master of scaring away bad matches?  Giving me an overdose of ego-centric babbling might have been a calculated move on his part. Maybe he is giving me a chance to slink away with my pride intact. If he is, he is much kinder and smarter than I had planned to give him credit for. So much to learn, when I would rather be learning more about Rumi, reading more of Rilke's works, doing yoga with Rodney and pounding the pavements for a decent job than trying to understand this online dating stuff.  Do you think this might be a wee indication that I am not quiet ready for any of it?


  1. So that one's a frog... keep kissing till you find the prince!

  2. Thanks for the encouragement! I do like frogs. I'll keep the visual. Maybe luck will be on my side and I will find someone like your K.

  3. I watched a movie with my granddaughter the other day---one that I had deliberately missed, "The Princess and the Frog". I surprised myself by loving it, and by changing my feelings about frogs. That said, I know it can't be easy, but it's a Brave New World.