Saturday, January 21, 2012

Snow Excuse

                                                     The leaf girl and I have weathered
                                                                all kinds of storms.
                                                             She, no worse for wear.
                                                                Coming where ever
                                                                              I go,
                                                                    strategically set
                                                                         to gaze in
                                                                         and assess
                                                                       my progress.
                                                                    Today she sees
                                                                   me sip green tea
                                                                   and hears me hum 
                                                                      with the heater,
                                                                           all cozy.
                                                                       Her eyes drill
                                                               What are you waiting for?
                                                                       If she had feet
                                                                        one would tap
                                                                soundless disapproval
                                                                          in the snow.


  1. oh she is gorgeous....can you ship her to me...for my garden/ no one would notice would they?
    enjoy the tea....I like peppermint
    with one cube...a dash of milk

  2. Haha, I love her too! My kids hate her. I knew you and I were kindred spirits.

  3. Love this! I find that the snow is giving me an excuse to be a bit lazy too. I went out in it today and thought "why did I ever?!" Lol.