Sunday, January 22, 2012

Just for Today

Today  we shared pizza, topped with feta and artichokes, my youngest daughter and I. Our words took flight, like sparks from this time- between- time hearth. Later, we watched a marathon of Ugly Betty; gasps and giggles punctuating the afternoon. We shouldn't have, no we really shouldn't, but oh we did, eat Whoopie Pie ice cream with whipped cream. We laughed at the name, we laughed at our portions, and accepted the stillness that today brought. Lemon candles burned inside, while fear was buried out under snow. Surely, this is what peace feels like.


  1. Yes, sure sounds like peace to me! This sounds like such a perfect day! So much fun! I see that you got your pizza (I went for round two yesterday. Lol!)! Marathons are the best as are home fragrances! Have you ever tried burning oils! That has been my thing for the past few years now. They are amazing! I have so many scents! Well glad to know that you had such a fantabulous day lady! :)

  2. Feta and artichoke pizza. I'm hungry now....

  3. "took flight"...there is healing in those words
    Life is so much more than we HAPPY that you are romancing the ordinary....and I love that bird bell outside..wrap that one up too
    thank you for seeing my new dear friend

  4. Peace for me includes just about every aspect of my life except my laptop and my volunteer work. Nice that you've found it.