Monday, January 2, 2012

Resolution '12

I want to be a thin woman
who goes to church.
Believes what she sings.
every note clean, clear
no doubt
at all
catches in
her throat.
What stops me?

I want to be a woman
earning enough to cushion
steps of her
beloved three.
Ease burdens, erase debts,
fix a car, clear up skin,
cut and color hair.
What stops me?

I want to taste the ocean deep,
have it cling, crisp my hair,
feel  waves roar, rumble
wild in veins
widened in wonder
breathing deep, abandon blue

What don't I?

I want love to know
no bounds.
Abundant so, it wraps
around  family,
my own, tenfold
seeping out home cracks
 into streets
settling on strangers,
just a fingerprint
of good.
What keeps me?

The wind beats sense
into morning, dark
I await answers.
Wind chimes oblige,
always polite,
Today's urge, gentle.
R e l e a s e
your fear, familiar.
Come, crawl
toward mystery,
coaxes now the day, dawning.
Darling one, it whispers, firmly.
Get out of your own way.


  1. now I am certain you are on the simple abundant the questions..sarah beckons us...therein lies the answers....
    I too am asking questions today....trying to find them...then live them....
    Lovely poem....I just love binr your new friend...may I call you that Wrinkles? -Friend.
    If you don't have tghe book...Simple Abundance I will gladly send you one....just email me

  2. Hi Suz, yes, haha by all means call me Wrinkles. I too love being your friend. I hope you don't mind that I mentioned your feet in my Personal Sun post. I do love your photos by the way, but I love your observations more. If I knew how to link to the Fall Leaves photo of yours, I would have liked to have done so. Would you have minded? Just thinking that the more people that get to see your lovely work, the better for everyone. I think I read Simple Abundance, once upon a time. I know I read her Mrs. Sharp's Traditions and have just finished Peace and Plenty, a book about financial serenity. I do love her work, upon discovery, they echoed my own thoughts already in place but I was so happy to find a kindred spirit, albeit one far more eloquent. Have you read, One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp? I am about half way through this. It is a little deeper, more poetic and more religious in nature - very moving. Thanks again for stopping by.

  3. And doesn't the last line of your poem sum it up most perfectly for some of us----'get out of your own way'. I need constant reminding of this. :) I'm glad I found your blog (through Suz' Garden Wench comments).

  4. Anngie! You will love her beautiful writing, her beautiful honest words....she is kindred spirit
    Wrinkles.... :) Use anything you wish on my blogs...Personal sun post...what is that?
    I will see if I can get that book...Only one thousand gifts though? Even I can count more than that in my life...:)
    gratitude begets gratitude

  5. gosh..was that me you were referring to...shucks
    my feet clad in clogs

  6. Hello Wrinkles and happy new year. Thank you for stopping by and leaving a sweet message.
    I am enjoying reading your blog entries, loving your wordsmithing :).
    I have not been down your road, but I do believe you will find completeness in your life.

  7. Oh, yes. If we can just be the person we are meant to be, not the person we think we need to be.

    Love this line..

    Wind chimes oblige,
    always polite..

    Beautiful writing, here. Happy New Year, Wrinkles!

  8. This is a wonderful poem. Yes, we so often need to get out of our own way. And I loved your Christmas tree story in your comment on my blog.