Saturday, April 7, 2012

No Peeps This Year

     Another first here in the land of downsizing and downsizing and downsizing. No egghunts, no Easter baskets awaiting "the kiddies."  Friends have rolled their eyes at me for years because I still make my grown-up girls Easter baskets. But the truth is I love chicks and bunnies and flower seeds and flip flops and bubble gum and these always ended up in the baskets. Not to mention, I am extremely fond of the shape of eggs, simplicity at its finest, and brightly colored eggs are so easy on the eyes, aren't they? Not much to discern, interpret or understand.

     Easter baskets and the hunts that accompanied them, with eggs that used to be filled with quarters and chenille chicks and then later dollar bills and little nail polish bottles and lip gloss are now officially a thing of the past. I miss them. It has always been such fun, and it was a way to welcome Spring which meant that my favorite season,  summertime, was not all that far away. 

     So I guess it's goodbye to vinegar and egg dye on our fingers because everyone is too busy; good-bye to Peeps because everyone is watching their weight.  I guess in the morn it will be just me alone singing Eggbert the Easter Egg... Does anyone else in the world remember that song? I used to play it on a bright yellow thick vinyl record - a "78"  I think it was. And if you are old enough to remember these, then you are old enough to sing with me.  

     Please indulge a wrinkled girl, who is pining for Peeps and the blast of hyacinths in the air. This one has little hand gestures and faces that go with it. Ready? 

"Bunny Bunny Bunny You're so Funny, with your twitching nose...Bunny Bunny Bunny you're so funny from your head to your toes. Oh you pretty bunny may I come near? May I hold you and pet your ear? Oh you pretty bunny, I love you so. Stay with me, oh please don't go..."


  1. Oh I love the song
    all will be well
    it is time to let go
    but you can do it for yourself
    buy peeps

  2. I trust you sang along, dear one. Yep, the nails will get a splash of polish and I'll hunt down a Peep somewhere. Hope you are ok.

  3. I can do the Easter bonnet song......
    Happy Day!

  4. I love that too! My friend sent me for Easter an old clip of Judy Garland and Fred Astaire. She was singing it to him in the movie; it was real cute.

  5. Oh that's new to me because I come from England. Here, we give the kids big chocoolate eggs when they are young, and fancy chocolates when they are older. But sometimes we just hard boil eggs and dye and decorate them. We can eat 'em after!