Sunday, April 8, 2012

My Turn to Say Grace


Today my baby girl, my youngest, 18, was happy. Relaxed and down to her toes contented. It was so nice to see her sitting outside in the sun next to her PopPop, talking, laughing, so grown up ...

Today was a perfect day because of that. All I want, really (besides a grand wish for all of humanity's peace and comfort) is for my kids to be happy, healthy, safe. How little is required for all of the pieces to slide perfectly into place. I sit on my little balcony and commune with the couple of trees that bend my way. There is a cat by my feet, grateful for the breeze and the tease of birds in view.  I don't need to know where we will live in a few months or if our cars will hold up or what I will do without health insurance, or if I will ever find work that can sustain us. All I really need to know, is that right this minute, all is right with our small slice of the world.


  1. smiles...i like communing with the trees...and you are right on wanting the kids to be happy...glad you had a great day

  2. I'm warmed by your happiness

  3. ah grace....a wonderful blessed thing
    glad you had a happy mama moment
    and all will be well....believe this

  4. Right on. Chaos and uncertainty seem to be all around. But there's a calm spot for you in the middle of it.

    Lately I find a spot deep with in, inside my breathing, and then I just start seeing from there -- seeing all of it, the good the bad the bad the beautiful. It's all there.

  5. That's a nice post. I am glad you had a happy day.

  6. Beautiful post. Thanks so much for sharing your joy!