Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Tuesday's Grace

I sit with two cats
and sip pale coffee
from a Honu mug
savoring the wishes
that came
with the gift

Squirrels leap
from rooftop
to branch and
cheer about
their perfect

Good books
and a red bowl of
rubber duckies
are at my feet

So much, it
is all so much
I lift my face
toward the
morning sun
and breathe


  1. oh dear my my...so they went to Hawaii for their honeymoon? joy....and they brought you a honu mug with a turtle rising.....hmm
    yeah I can picture it....when under water they don't hide their bodies they swim....up to the surface for air air air....
    yes grace.....Have you ever read any books by Alexander Stoddard...they are old books..but good ones.....before Sarah...I think sarah "borrowed" a bit from her
    Have you moved yet....wish I could help you move like Denise had friends helping her...so wonderful to have gal pals to crack up with with a glass of wine and good cheese
    and a burden shared is really half the burden....now who said that?
    love the duckies....I have a basket of boats and trucks and sharks :)

    1. I have truthfully, only a couple of good friends that might help, if asked to move, and I have sisters, love my sisters. But my daughter and I going to my old old parents' home who were so gracious to take us in. We have to whittle all that we own down to what can fit in an 8x 10 room, and you know what? All will be well. I do not think I have read anything by Alexander Stoddard, but you can bet that I will check the library soon. Some books that carried me over during the hardest times were by Elizabeth Lesser (The Seeker's Guide), When the Heart Waits by Sue Monk Kid and a book called Making Loss Matter by Rabbi David Wolpe, oh and I cannot forget John O'Donohue, lol the list goes on and on...

  2. so...is the book good? Did you know that the wuthor won a contest at amazon for firt novel? There's hope in the world I see
    for us pluggers away......
    how's your novel coming along/ ;)
    I just love a good good bok on love and redemption and second chances..and yes I believe in romance as a curative
    joy to you Wrinks today....did they bring you any KONA GOLD

    1. The book is good. There are a few cliched moments that make me cringe very slightly, but oh the stories about the Ganseys and the sea-side Irish life and the story about an old man who finds some solace and happiness is so worth putting up with those little flaws. The analogy from knitting stitches to life is wonderful. I am not finished yet, but I would recommend it. And that is so encouraging to hear about the author. My book? It is still all in my head, because I am not sure I have enough of a story to tell; I have lived rather quietly and small. Maybe when the second romance comes along, lol. How is yours going? You know I will gobble it up. Kona Gold, is that coffee? Because they did bring me back a little bag of coffee that was the best I ever had.

  3. I've been thinking of buying Casting Off...and you know the sun is not your friend? Much as we used to love her....

    1. lol you are so right, the sun is not our friend, but once and awhile and only for a minute I still bask...the book, I love all the tales about the ganseys and the second story about an old bitter man who suffered horrific loss and is learning to open his heart again, and of course, there is a love story brewing too!