Tuesday, June 26, 2012

With These Hands

For 55 years these hands have cherished what they touched, cradled what they held. The work they have done, the tender care they have given, the gifts they have received has been guided by love. They created when they were not resting or working or nurturing. They have readily shared, and celebrated the gifts of the earth. Rarely have they acted in haste or anger, and with each passing day, they linger longer over the smooth surface of abundance that unfolds every day. I have tried, in their every movement, to uphold the dignity of their design. 

Like anything else, the longer and more often we do something, the better we get at it - one of the many good things about growing older. I love my age spots, I love my knobby joints and the veiny rewards of hands well used. When my grandbaby fell asleep in my lap today, they were expertly ready to hold her with absolute reverence.  


  1. Such a graceful confession
    and I agree....the loving grasp of a granchild's hands....nothing like it...
    I made my Finn laugh the other day...a belly laugh...joy...the connection
    My hands are 61 years....and every thing yours are...and I wouldn't change a thing...except I would have worn sexy red shoes earlier in my life......:)

  2. Me too, although I don't even wear them now but I sure do wear more feminine shoes than I used to -beads and flowers and silver sandals. Never too late to learn to sparkle.

    1. I learned to adorn my body....adornments.....honoring its beauty.....ceremonial like...beautiful things that say I am a woman .... sensuality .... I think we who married young didn't get a chance to explore that part of ourselves...especially those of us who were home moms.....we drifted into that role and that was it....so get out those pretty things for yourself
      I loved sarah's book..Romancing the Ordinary....have you read that one?
      but being a grandma.....well..the best thing ever
      but its nice being a pretty grandma....and all of us are pretty...it's an inside job...
      thinking of you.....wish you were here

    2. No I am not sure I read that one, although I have read one about women's finances by her, but the name escapes me. I will look for it, even if I read it , it cant hurt to read it again. And yes you are so right, I wear all sorts of vintage costume jewelry these days, because I like it, and it makes me feel pretty. You are such a kindred spirit dear one.