Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Talking to Tomatoes

There you are. Just one tiny tomato, dangling. Yellow-green, firm and adorable. Like a child, knowing only now - you swing in morning breezes. Bird songs echo. Morning light bathes and all is right in your little tomato world. 

You assume water will come and sun will shine and are oblivious of bad bugs that for now, are busy elsewhere.

Tomato baby, it isn't courage at all that empowers you to grow.  It's just trust, isn't it? Faith, that you will be, all that you are meant to be. 



  1. It all comes down to faith and trust, doesn't it!! And that applies to everything around us. I love coming here and reading what you write. I don't always comment but I read. I feel like you are a kindred spirit! Love what the Divine has in store for us all. You are part of my Divine!

    1. Thanks Teri,

      Sometimes, when I'm grumbly, I know that I can stop by your blog and "get over myself" because you always seem to remind me to be grateful. Thanks for your sweet words.

  2. How are you doing? I am thinking of you today. It's been hot here and my time has not been my own lately. But, reading everyone's blogs always takes me out of my own head and into the lives of others. We are all on a journey. The trick is to find the sparks of life along the way.