Saturday, June 16, 2012

Tomato Update

I am sorry to report that this, has fallen prey to this:
It was a quick strike -snap! I knew the sound before I saw the plucking. She held the tomato baby in her hands.

"Ahhh!", she said, inspecting her prize.

" Ohhh!", I said. "That was a tomato, now it won't grow. "

Eyes wide, I saw the programing going on, the cataloging, the adding of this to her knowledge base. She sat cradling the little darling. "Mato!" She confirmed, nodding, grinning.

 Then without warning, with a flick of her dimpled wrist, she flung it off the balcony.

It was a perfect metaphor. We grow. We stop. We live; we die.

But this is what I learned from my grandbaby today. To be truly seen, to be the object of unadulterated  appreciation, pure and without agenda, is a pretty great thing. Even if it lasts for only  a few seconds before we hit the pavement.


  1. Awww! Good thing tomatoes like to be "pruned".

    I just planted tomatoes in one of those "Topsy Turvey" things. I don't think they look too promising. Will see...

    1. Good luck with those Birdie, my dad tried to grow them in those last year and they looked good to a certain point, then up and stopped growing. Good Luck with yours. By the way, I hope your dad is doing ok.

  2. HA! this was a hoot
    sorry...about the tomato....but your little tomato was just a dear bundle of wonder......

    1. Hi Suz! I've missed you. Feels like our paths haven't crossed much lately. Btw, I really love the moon photos and your take on them.

    2. you have!
      oh boy......that warms my heart

  3. I love how Life shows us what we need to see in some pretty wonderful ways, and almost always in metaphor. Life is one big metaphor. :) What struck me: it is a perfect example of letting go.