Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Tree of Wife

           Standing tall, unknowing. Targeted tree, an orange ribbon tied around her waist. Does she feel adorned? Like I did, wearing gifted earrings, unaware.
          Does she wonder, What occasion? Swishes, “I feel pretty, oh so pretty,” in her brand new sash. 
          Bony arms  stretch for sky. “ More, please," she asks,  swaying in May’s warm breeze.
         Someone should have told her. Swollen joints and scarred bark will not be tolerated. 
         I wince at her humiliation, the "not knowing". Then, think of the onslaught and panic rises. Her leaves are glossy, aren't they? See? She flowered, right there and there! Isn’t that enough? My heart quickens; spare her.  
          She-tree, still  giving, clueless. Flawed, infested beauty  - bristles with curiosity. She rustles. “What’s all the fuss?"
           Betrayal gashes. Roots clench in shock.
          “I shaded you!"  She wails.  Blades sinks in.
           She whimpers,“ I blossomed, I did."
           I echo her misery. I cherished, I did.
           Splinters sputter. Pride topples. Such a tall girl, in pieces on the ground. 


  1. oh my....such a writer
    you made my heart break
    that is if there is piece left to crack
    ....thank you for your thoughts
    and I hope prayers....

  2. Powerful post. I'd say you nailed that.

  3. Love the correlation between what you feel/felt and what you assume the tree feels. But...just say that the trees wants to be cut loose, is tired of being expected to shade and bloom and just wants to provide heat and energy for someone that really needs her? A viable option, to move clear some space for a vegetable garden that will provide (or a house or an art studio!). Just think of the opportunities that await for "new life".

  4. Hi Terri. Thanks for the nice sentiments and of course you are right, and for the most part, I really do feel that way, or at least hope to be able to move on to better and brighter things when time offers more opportunity. I guess what I was trying to share here was just a very brief moment, an expression of empathy, and an unexpected reaction to the tree cutting. Thanks for your kind words.

    1. you didn't need to explain this one to me.....
      I have these kind of moments often....
      when something just leaps

  5. A beautiful and powerful write!