Thursday, February 2, 2012

This I Know for Certain

Years spent
wiping jelly 
from round cheeks,
stretching socks
over tiny, curling toes,
playing fairies,
gathering flowers
It's true,
I am a wrinkled girl
Don't know much
about the world
Numbers turn upside down
collide in this old brain
Politics,  I can't
 speak it,
Chemistry, physics,  fills minds 
far greater
than mine
Never could develop
for arts of deception
My time - timid, steps unsure
forever questioning
choice upon choice
this i know for certain:
when a baby babbles
to whipped cream,
pats the soft cold swirl
and licks little lips
with joy,
the world pauses, 
on mighty axis
a split second,
every thing explained


  1. Babies really are a reason to keep on going. My niece is 6 months old and she is pure delight.

    Great writing W.G.

  2. Wrinkles, this is one of those wonderful poems that you let need of explanation
    you just get to the last line and say.....yes

    ....keep writing

  3. beautiful poem and so meaningful! I love it!

    Hope you will visit my blog and enter my GIVEAWAY!
    Just Tututiny