Saturday, February 25, 2012

It's Only Hardware


Worn smooth by all of us, coming home and leaving, coming home, leaving. Now, none of us cross this threshold any more to infuse the old house with laughter, reunited. I was tempted to take the doorknob with us, but it would have been disrespectful, wrong. 

So instead, I have this photo to remind me of bringing babies home for the first time, of little ones on tiptoe- opening that door with two hands, of teenagers letting it slam, of my mom and dad, visiting. That doorknob turned in trust and expectation, opening and closing our years.  To hold it was to hold home in my hand. Looking at it now - I see a blessed piece of hardware, I see the past and inevitable change, and I can see without a doubt, the patina of my heart.



  1. take the knob.......

    I mean replace the knob

  2. My niece did just about everything but break in and steal: the door that all us kids and the kids' kids stood up against to measure and mark height - at my folks' old house - she would have broke in there and stole the door from the new home owners I bet

  3. some things are more than some things

  4. They are, they really are, and it has nothing to do with materialism. It is the appreciation of service or entertainment or beauty of the 'thing' and the memories attached.